Why Pet Products?

Because my dog, Maggie, was injured by a “safe” pet product. And she’s not the only one.

Over the last decade I have spoken to devastated pet owners directly affected by poor pet products. Each story is heartbreaking. From the psychological implications of managing injured pets, to covering enormous veterinary bills, to having to make the hardest decision imaginable – one thing is clear – there is a major problem with the $100+ Billion highly unregulated pet products industry.

Pets are family to us, and unlike children’s products, pet products don’t have to be tested or proven safe before they come to market. The Consumer Products Safety Commission does not classify pet products as “consumer” products therefore, you don’t have anyone working on your behalf to identify dangerous pet products.

As consumers, we are inundated with marketing spin – so how do we separate fact from fiction? That’s where Center for Pet Safety (CPS) comes in. Imagine having a “Consumer Reports” or “Insurance Institute for Highway Safety” dedicated to get you the independent, impartial information you need to make a wise pet product purchase. That’s our job. We don’t accept funding from any pet product manufacturer so they cannot spin any rating we give. We have a world-class team of experts to help assess the data we collect from our studies to ensure the performance and ratings criteria we develop are fair and reasonably attainable.

I spend a LOT of time counseling pet product brands that want to test their products for safety. Yes, there are some good folks out there – they just don’t know where to start. And, yes, there are some unscrupulous folks out there too – looking to take your hard-earned money and rely on marketing spin to sell you a product.

Through our CPS Certified Program, you can now look for the CPS seal on products that meet our rigorous testing and performance requirements. It’s a rigorous, voluntary program – and there is no guarantee that the product will pass testing and attain certification.  In the end, voluntary is more powerful for pet owners. It illustrates the commitment to safety by the brand that’s not afraid of the testing we do. They have completed their due-diligence and receiving a CPS certification is a significant achievement.

I know that you love your pets, just like I love mine.  Our goal at CPS is to help you make the best buying decisions for you and your pets.